In 2010, staff from the Oral History Department of the Academic Library at Lomonosov Moscow State University established an Oral History Foundation to promote research into the Russian humanities, using and developing the methods and techniques of this contemporary discipline.

A mission of this Foundation is the creation of a universally accessible Internet Archive of national memory, constructed around video recordings of conversations with specific and outstanding individuals, whose personal biographical narrative can give a clear picture of society either in part or as a whole.

Since 2012 the AVC Charity Foundation has supported the Art component of the Oral History Foundation’s mission. This aspect of the Archive is focused upon early 20th century cultural reminiscences in the Department’s collection, superimposing the thoughts and memories of contemporary Russian artists, musicians, architects, art historians, collectors, who witness first-hand the life of the Russian art world.

More detailed information on the activities of the Oral History Foundation is available on the project’s official website (in Russian).

The Oral History Foundation